A proven history of driving better retail results

i.e.Retail was born 19 years ago with a simple purpose in mind: To help retailers optimise their category and overall sales, margin and operating performance. Since then, we’ve built an enviable reputation, helping some of the biggest and best retailers in the world become even better at what they do. So how do we do it?

We start with data. Specifically, we take the time to gather a wide variety of information about your business; statistical data, geographic data, traffic patterns, customer and staff feedback and a range of other sources of relevant information. All of which we analyse to help us identify where effort and resources can best be applied to optimise your retail and category sales performance, to drive better retail results.

We’re specialists in helping retailers and manufacturers, with a core focus on 5 key services, designed to support our retail partners; diagnostics, optimisation, training, simulations and benchmarking.

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