Retail Benchmarking

Put your retail standards to the ultimate measurement test


Retail benchmarking provides an ideal way to ensure your business is performing at its best, day in, day out, year after year. Benchmarking allows you to determine the retail standards you expect your business to meet, and measure yourself on a regular basis to ensure you’re achieving the performance standards you’ve set.

Our retail benchmarking tools allow you to compare and measure your business against measures such as; service, product, fixtures, displays, customer engagement, point-of-purchase conversion, loyalty, average value, and a range of other critical retail standards. In simple terms we measure all the lead metrics so your business can deliver on the financial metrics.


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Benchmarking tools, when applied in your retail business, also allow you to compare store by store performance, category performance and staff performance across a wide range of retail measurement standards.

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Retail Benchmarking